10 Reasons to never give up coffee

1. Coffee is social.

Everyone seems to love a quick coffee break at work. Not only do you get a killer skim cap from across the road, you also get to leave the office. AKA – you get to leave the office for 10 minutes, in work time! Therefore, you get paid to not work! WIN.

2. Coffee has a heap of health benefits.

No joke. We’ve talked about it before. There are so many great positives; improved brain health, concentration and reduced rate of disease… errrr where do we sign up?

3. Free Coffee is the best thing ever.

It’s no joke, everyone loves free things. Soul Origin hosts free coffee days everytime we open a new store! Plus, with our coffee loyalty card, every sixth one is free.

4. Coffee can make you a morning person.

Let’s face it. We’d all rather still be in bed than reading this blog post. But life isn’t that easy, and sometimes we do need to wake from our slumber for our adult commitments. Thankfully, coffee is there for us at 6:00, when you need it the most.

5. Coffee comes in many great forms.

Feeling sick of your fancy soy latte? Take a break. Get it over ice, grab an espresso martini or even a thick slice of tiramisu.

NOTE: Excessive spresso Martinis should be approached with caution and may be hard to justify pre-midday.

6. Your barista would be heartbroken.

Where would we be without our trusty Soul Origin barista’s? Gawd. We shudder to think. Imagine how hard life would be without your cheeky lil chat with the barista and the soothing sound of your name being called out once your coffee is ready to devour.

7. It’s so darn good.

good cuppa coffee is priceless, it’s a little daily indulgence which goes a long way. Grabbing a coffee puts a spring in your step, gives you motivation to work a little harder and provides a much needed break from the daily grind.

8. Anything can be done with coffee.

Meeting a long lost friend? Grab a coffee.

Gotta study with your professor? Grab a coffee to go in the library.

Got a tinder date and unsure if you even want to go? Get a coffee, sit by the door and escape quickly if things go downhill quick.

9. Coffee is probably the reason you landed a proper job.

Let’s take a moment to remember the glory days of uni, how you partied so hard and pulled all nighters the night before an exam. Who was there when you needed caffeine the most? Coffee.

10. Coffee is better than a boyfriend.

We’ve discussed it before, and stand by it. Coffee is clearly the love of your life.

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