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Chicken and Corn soup – comfort food

Chicken and Corn soup is one of those rare foods that is synonymous with comfort all year round. Irrelevant of the weather it is the perfect dish both in the steaming days of summer and the wet and cold of winter. It is the soup that you have when you are nursing a cold in bed or staving off heartbreak. It’s an all year round comfort food and for that reason we have included it on our winter Soups range.


When you think Chicken and Corn soup I’m sure most of you are thinking of your local Chinese restaurant. And you would be right the Chicken and Corn soup you are aware of is an amendment of crab and corn soup which is a dish from American Chinese cuisine. Immigrants from China arrived in the United States seeking employment as miners and railroad workers. As large groups of workers began to arrive laws were put in place preventing them from owning land and they thus began to form small ghettos, we now know of as Chinatowns. Here immigrants began their own small businesses notably restaurants and from here earthed the American Chinese cuisine. It was these smaller restaurants that were modifying the Chinese cuisine to suit the American palate, improvising on different recipes and using whatever ingredients were available to them.

But what has this got to do with Chicken and Corn soup? Well it is in the heart of North America that we find Dutch Pennsylvania. And it is here that this soup has been part of the cultural fabric being served (especially in the Lancaster County) in abundance at church suppers and outdoor religious festivals since the early 1800s. There have been claims laid that it is still the original recipe. It is of no surprise that the Lancaster County is the heart and soul of Chicken and Corn soup when in the most recent U.S. Department of Agriculture census nearly 10 million chickens were counted. That is an obscene amount of chicken. And they also have the most acreage devoted to corn in the state.

Chicken and corn soup - comfort food

The soul origin version

So we have looked to the past and seen how it has been adapted and developed. And we have all felt the heart-warming memories in conjures up. We then took our favourite ingredients and tried to remain true to the Dutch Pennsylvanien origins but added our own Soul Origin flare to create what we believe will be one of your favourites this winter. But don’t just take our word for it head into your local Soul origin store and try to conjure up those “sick days” in bed with a bowl of warming soup.

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