Get Fit while You Sit

2020 has been a challenging year with a lot of change and uncertainty. Eating fresh food and staying active is not only good for your body, it’s good for your mental health too. We call this here at Soul Origin – Soul Food.

Whether you are working from home, or are back into the grind, chances are you are spending a lot of your day sitting down. So how can you stay active while keeping on top of those never-ending emails? Here are a few tips!

1. Dig in the heels!

As one of the more discrete seated chair exercises available, leg heel digs are perfect for any office setting. Move your foot out, place your heel on the floor, and push your toes towards the ground. This chair exercise is great for promoting better blood flow and it can reduce calf cramps.

2. Do the twist

Whether you’re suffering from a bad back or you need a chair exercise that assists with post-workout recovery, you can benefit from upper body twists. Place one hand on either shoulder, with the right touching your left and the left touching your right. Grip yourself as though you’re giving yourself a hug and move from side to side in a twisting motion.

3. March those hips

Some of the best desk exercises strengthen your hip muscles and promote greater flexibility within the hip joints. Marching your hips is an excellent way to achieve this. Hold on to either side of your chair and march your legs up and down as though you’re executing an exaggerated walking motion.

4. Laughing Clowns

As a key cause of tension headaches, allowing the sternocleidomastoid muscles that stretch between your shoulders and the back of your neck to become knotted is never a good idea. If you can grab a few minutes each day to incorporate neck rotations into your sitting exercises, you may see your tension headaches disappear. As the name suggests, simply move your head from side to side as though you’re looking around you.

5. Confused Puppy

Neck movements are especially popular amongst those seeking chair exercises for seniors. Unlike neck rotations, this one involves moving your head from side to side as though you’re trying to touch your shoulder with your ear. It’s excellent for relieving sternocleidomastoid tension, making it a must-do for your daily routine.

6. Kegel like a boss

Also known as pelvic floor exercises, Kegels are especially important chair exercises for women. By strengthening your pelvic floor, you can prevent conditions such as bladder prolapse. Both men and women can benefit from keeping their pelvic floor firm, as not doing so results in your back muscles taking the strain, which then results in backache.

7. Reach and stretch

Tense arms are especially common when you spend your weekend engaging in heavy lifting or if you love to do weights. As one of the easiest seated exercises, arm stretches involve touching your back with your hand, then using the hand from the opposite side to pull your arm back further. In addition to stretching some of the key muscles in your upper arm, this move tackles your shoulder muscles.

8. Wrist twists

If you work in an office setting that requires a lot of time spent typing, one of the best desk exercises you can do is wrist twists. Hold your forearm out straight and rotate your wrist in one direction, then switch to the next after a few moves. With this exercise, you can prevent conditions such as carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome.

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