Hop on the Guilt-free Goodness bandwagon!

Choose your goodness with Soul Origin’s guilt-free lunch range!​ Using plant-based schnitzels and a selection of fresh salads on seeded rolls, any choice is a good choice!

Goodness like we mean it - The vegetarian vote!

We mean goodness – as in packed full of flavor you are guaranteed to love!  Our Schnitzel Avo Smash is a new twist on an old classic with delicious smashed avocado, freshly sliced tomato, a slice of Sheese, a crispy plant-based schnitzel and topped with creamy aioli.

*Aioli is not plant-based.

Tonkatsu de la plant - For Flexitarians & Pescatarians alike!

We’re serving our Tonkatsu Seeded Roll with rich-tasting tonkatsu sauce and we balance it with delicate and yummy plant-based Schnitty topped with “oohh so cheesy” Scheese and creamy aioli covered purple slaw.

*Aioli is not plant-based.

Go Greener - 100% plant-based!​

Get your daily dose of vegetables with our Vege Patch Roll. Enjoy fresh baby spinach, pickled onion slices, cucumber, tomato, & grated carrot, topped with hummus & vegan cheese.

Ready to try?

Like all our food, our ingredients are made fresh in-store.
Guilt-free Goodness range is only available in-store for a limited time only.

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