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Pumpkin Soup – the traditional comfort!

With the launch of the winter soups range we’ve take time to look back in the history books and pull together a range of soups that speak to the culture of comfort. And when it comes to soups you really cannot look much further than the traditional comfort soup, Pumpkin!

THe Heritage of pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is claimed by many cultureS as being the originator of this traditional comfort. From the spicy variant out of Africa, to the creamier version in London or the sweeter style from America. But did you know it is the celebratory food of a small Caribbean island Haiti.


Pumpkin soup

Traditionally called Soup Joumou and consumed on New Years Day. This traditional comfort soup is a historical tribute to Haitian Independence day. In 1804 the newly freed slaves consumed pumpkin soup, a meal forbidden to them by their French slave masters. It is said you cannot make soup Joumou without love, patience, and a smile on your face. 

Authentic Joumou is a hearty, rich dish that is not as thick or pureed like the modern pumpkin soup. It is filled with vegetables and a combination of marinated goat, beef, chicken and pork. The soup is finished off with pasta or noodles and then cooked overnight to be shared  on New Years Day.

THe Soup we know today

The pumpkin soup we all know and love is a little different to the Haitian tradition. However it definitely takes aspects from the traditional comfort. The squash base, the spices, the mix of savory sweetness. It has the essence of comfort that is ingrained in soup Joumou and is often one of the first soups people move to on those cool, wet winter days.


Our pumpkin soup has taken elements of the traditional Haitian comfort and we’ve added a few of our own twists to make it a truly flavorsome dish. It is hearty and rich, creamy and smooth and is the traditional comfort that we all know and want in our Pumpkin soup. But don’t just take our word for it. Head into your local Soul Origin and either try it within a sipper on the go, share it for dinner with a large and a take me home salad or enjoy it all to yourself.

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