Limu Washed




Limu, Djimma


JARC varieties, Local Landraces


Orange Juice + Oolong Tea


Washed, traditional fermentation


Effervescent brightness and sweet floral notes.


Limu lies within the Djimma zone in the western highlands
of Oromia, Ethiopia. The area is famous for its forests and
abundant supply of water. The forests create the perfect
conditions for the organic matter like fallen leaves and dead
trees to compost and return their nutrients to the soil. This cycle of dirt returning to dirt means hummus-rich soils that keep coffee trees well fed. The coffees grown here are famous for their beautiful effervescent brightness and sweet floral notes.

Most farms in Limu are semi-forest systems, typically under
1 hectare. Farmers selectively handpick the cherry and most
deliver their cherry to nearby washing stations. At intake,
cherry is frequently floated to remove underripes and visually
inspected for any damage. The cherry is then pulped and
fermented. The abundance of water in the region means that
most washing stations will wet ferment coffee, and some will
change the water several times during fermentation. After
fermentation, parchment is washed in clean water and moved
to raised beds to dry. At the beds, workers will pick over drying
parchment to remove any damaged or defective parchment.
Drying parchment is turned regularly to ensure even drying.
Parchment typically takes about 10 days to dry.

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