Green Goodness: The health benefits of salad

It is no surprise that a healthy salad is a great way to keep our bodies functioning as they should, but still many of us don’t know just how beneficial a tasty concoction of leafy greens and other veg can be.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of salad, and examine how easy it is to stay fit and healthy while giving our bodies the nutrients they need.


Salads Give Us Healthy Bones and Muscles

The musculoskeletal system gives our bodies the strength and support they need as we go about our daily lives, so it is critical that we do our best to look after bones and muscles. Even an easy salad – quick to prepare and even quicker to eat – which includes spinach, kale, broccoli radicchio, and watercress, gives us a boost of vitamin K; an important element for bone health.


Salads Lead to Better Eyesight

We’ve all heard the myth of how carrots can improve our eyesight, and we probably stopped believing this a long time ago. However, while carrots can’t help us to see better, other elements of a healthy salad can. Spinach, romaine, and red leaf lettuce all contain lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as vitamin A – all of which may improve optical function and keep eyes healthier for longer.


Salads Help to Prevent Cancer and Heart Problems

Research from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom suggests that salads containing watercress may be effective in preventing cancer. Researchers found that watercress interferes with the functions of certain proteins, effectively ‘turning off’ breast cancer signals in the body.


Salads Help us Fight Diabetes

There are a variety of different factors which can cause, or worsen, diabetes in humans. One of these factors is a deficiency in magnesium, something which can be alleviated by something as simple as a healthy summer salad.

Spinach – as you can tell, this is a seriously powerful addition to your salad – and arugula are great sources of magnesium, and can be used to effectively reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Aim to include these ingredients in your healthy salads whenever you have the opportunity.


Salads Can Help Reduce Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you will know the misery these attacks can cause. Thankfully, spinach and other leafy green veg in a salad can help you to get the necessary eight servings of fruit and vegetables you need every day, which in turn gives you the nutrients you need to stave off migraines for longer.

Eating salads like these on a regular basis can even help you to recover more quickly after a migraine, something which will be pleasing for the many thousands of people who suffer with blinding headaches, distorted vision, trouble with concentration, and other symptoms of this condition.

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