Karrinyup – now open.

Soul origin Karrinyup is now open!

Karrinyup is now open! Opening its doors on the 29th of April 2021 for a morning of FREE coffee for the happy passerby’s. We took the opportunity to sit down with Raja our new multi-site franchise partner for a behind the scenes look at opening the new store and her motivation to work with Soul Origin.


Raja and her husband looked into many options before they partnered with Soul Origin. They ultimately wanted a sound business model and something that provided great food. Raja knew the importance of fresh produce and delicious food. Firstly, from working with Red Rooster and secondly from having a passion for cooking. Soul Origin fulfilled this brief and more. With a great store set up and a growth mentality, Raja knew that Soul Origin was the business she wanted to partner with.  


Raja opened her first store with Soul Origin back in 2019 in the southern suburbs of Perth in Cockburn. With a background in QSR management it was no surprise that Soul Origin Cockburn was a success. And with her first store ticking along nicely she wanted to expand her footprint to build a family business. Passing the reins of Cockburn to her niece Raja began making plans for her second store, in the north.   

Karrinyup now open

Dreams for the store...

Raja like all small business owners, wants to see Karrinyup and Cockburn grow with sustainable sales into a fruitful store. But most of all she wants them to become part of the fabric of the community, a place where people gather, share and enjoy killer coffee. In Raja’s words;

“There is a future with Soul Origin, the team are 100% behind you and will never let you down, supporting your decisions. Every day I receive comments from customers about how great the food looks and how pretty the store is. I can see that working with the brand I will be able to achieve my dreams of a successful family business.”  

Soul Origin Franchises

Have you ever thought about owning your own business, dropping the daily grind of the 9 – 5pm? If you’re interested in becoming a franchise partner like Raja, we are 100% behind you. We have multiple new opportunities available across Australia. Is it time for a fresh move? 

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