Rockingham Soul Origin Opening!

Soul Origin Rockingham Opening

On the 20th May we excitedly threw open the doors to our 10th store in Western Australia – Soul Origin Rockingham. This was a major achievement for Ajay, our new franchise partner, but also for the team at the Soul Origin support office. Our footprint in Western Australia has begun to grow and our franchise partners have been growing from success to success. We cannot wait to see where Ajay takes the brand-new Rockingham Soul Origin.   

The new Rockingham Soul Origin is located within the Rockingham shopping center food court. We celebrated the day with free coffee in the morning to passers-by and our Soul Origin customers who came to give Ajay a friendly welcome to the team. It was a vibrant morning full of good wholesome breaky on the run and smooth coffee, putting pep in everyone’s step!

Rockingham store opening
Rockingham store opening

Why Soul Origin?

Ajay had dreams of owning a small business. He saw the franchise model as a way in which he could achieve this dream more readily. Soul Origin was his first choice; as the business model, unlike other franchises, grows as you grow. This was key to his decision along with Soul Origins passion for fresh produce, wholesome food and killer coffee.  

“The Soul Origin business model is unique in the market. They not only support you throughout the process but as your business grows the business as a whole grows – so we are always working towards the same goal!”  

What does the future offer?

Ajay has solid ambitions of becoming the number one Soul Origin store within the state and Australia. He sees unequivocal success with Soul Origin and cannot wait to become the enviable store of the group. Ajay wants to help drive customer retention and satisfaction through great quality food, killer coffee and outstanding customer service. Although the store is currently small, he is not concerned as he lives by the mantra


Are you ready to make it big? With multiple opportunities available across the country the Soul Origin team are always here to help support. Take a moment to check out our latest locations and store formats – which a suitable for all investment types.   

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