Buffalo salads

Buffalo salads

Saucy, spicy, and delicious (need we say more). We’re dressing up a classic and packing a punch with our brand-new hot sauce. Grab your favourite Chicken Schnitzel or Falafel Salad but buffalo it. Served on a bed of zesty purple cabbage slaw, shredded carrot and kale, topped with vegan aioli and our buffalo hot sauce! This sauce may be spicy, but many have described our brand-new hot sauce as balanced and tangy. Therefore, making it perfect to be mixed with our fresh salads. For our veggie friends we’ve made sure our new hot sauce is 100% vegan so you can enjoy our plant-based Falafel Salad 

Soul Origin's Buffalo Falafel Salad


Inspired by the tangy, spicy buffalo wings we created a new hot sauce for a spicy twist on our classic salads. Buffalo wings are quite an iconic part of American culture. While very well-known it is still quite a new recipe originating back in 1964, in (you guessed it) Buffalo New York. There’s various tales of how exactly Buffalo Wings were created. What we do definitely know is that the buffalo wings recipe was created by the Bellissimo Family. From very humble beginnings the delicious meal became a staple on many bar and pub menus.  

While commonly found on chicken wings, there’s endless yummy possibilities for what you can pop this sauce on. If you ask us, we’ve perfected our hot sauce after a lot (and we mean a lot) of trials to make sure it’s spicy but still well rounded. Made using vinegar, Red Habanero Chilli, Tabasco sauce and secret spices. We’ve kept our hot sauce very simple and traditional, to create a beautiful tangy spice.   


If you are feeling a little warm under the collar from our Buffalo Salads. Then we have the perfect combo for you. Sip on a Fruit Crusher for only $5 with any buffalo salad purchase. Available in 2 delicious flavours- pineapple & raspberry or mango. The fruity treats are ice cold for when you’re feeling a little “hot, hot, hot.”

Are you up for a bit of spice? Available in-store or via delivery. Find out if you can handle the heat here… 

Buffalo Schnitzel Slaw with a mango crusher
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