About us

The Soul Story

Ok, let’s go right back to the start. Our ‘origin’ if you will.

Before we opened our first store more than ten years ago, we cared about what Australians thought. And what you thought was that you deserved a better, healthier, tastier food option, regardless of what time of the day it was.

You also wanted a decent coffee. You wanted more than decent – you wanted the best.

Our family couldn’t have agreed more.

So it wasn’t long before your thoughts became our purpose - to create healthy, nutritious and delicious food made fresh, using the freshest local ingredients.

After all, goodness in means goodness out. And we all want to feel good about what we’re eating.

We began by sourcing the freshest and most delicious produce from local Australian farmers. And we applied the same philosophy to our coffee; sourcing the world’s best beans direct from Origin, graded, and then roasted right here in Australia, with a serious affection for and love for serving the best barista-crafted coffee. Each cup is barista crafted and served by a trained barista who takes coffee and not themselves damn seriously!

Fast forward to today and Soul Origin has grown to over one hundred and fifty locally owned and operated stores across Australia. Stores that not only support local farmers, but support their local community, and economy, and help drive local employment (especially among passionate, coffee-obsessed baristas).

From humble beginnings, our mission to bring good times and delicious food and barista-crafted coffee to our customers has resulted in bringing it to everyone we meet, from our customers to suppliers to our team.

It’s a pretty healthy mission to have, and it’s one we’re particularly proud to continue.