That ol’ skip the queue perk! Soul Origin launches Order Ahead.

That ol’ skip the queue perk! Soul Origin launches Order Ahead.
Hand holding two Soul Origin coffee cups

It’s Monday morning and you slept through your alarm. Great. You are going to miss your usual train and you know the second one cuts it close to your starting time. You forgot to make your lunch last night because you were binging “Just like that” and now you are really in a panic. Sounds like a bad start to a bad day doesn’t it? Well, Soul Origin has the solution – Order Ahead! Don’t wait in line like a chump, pre-order your coffee and banana bread while you relax on the train. That way you can collect your order and be on your way! 

Launching 1st March 2022, Soul Origin’s Soulmates App (it’s about time you signed up) now has the ability to order and pay ahead of your visit, saving you precious time in that morning rush. There are many other great benefits to ordering ahead… let’s discuss.  


If you are an introvert with a general dislike of awkward conversation, Order Ahead will be your shield. By making and paying for your order on your phone, all you need to do is swing by and pick up your goodies. No more waiting in the line and getting cornered into chats about the weather. 


In an almost post-apocalyptic COVID world, staying in one crowded spot for too long is always like a game of risk. However, Order Ahead means your order is ready at the time you arrive so you can be in and out – meaning minimal exposure to unknown contaminants (formally known as people). 


With our smart phones becoming our diaries, loyalty cards, drivers’ licenses, and medical information, who really wants to carry a wallet anymore? Order Ahead uses a safe and protected payment gateway so you never have to carry cash or that bulky wallet with you ever again. 


Are we Soulmates? Well don’t you worry! Order Ahead is directly linked to your loyalty account and an online order counts just as much as a visit to store. You can also redeem your $5 rewards through the app, meaning you never have to miss out. 

So, if these aren’t enough reasons to try out the new Order Ahead feature on the Soulmates app, we don’t know what is! Give it a go! Download the Soulmates app at either the Apple or Google Play store today

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