Soul Origin Catering options, including drinks, croissants, banana bread, and fruit platters

The perfect portion for your next party?

You’ve handchosen the guest list, set up the Facebook event, sent out the invites, and now you need to sort out the food. The problem is, Jenny is vegan, Sarah is on the “carb-free” diet and Mick wants what he likes to call “real food”. Also – how much food do you actually need? Cooking is a nightmare while trying to clean the house and wrangle the children. No one wants the added fear that people won’t like the food, or (heaven forbid) you haven’t provided enough food. So, as your most reliable family member, we at Soul Origin are here to help and our new catering options have got you covered! Check out our guide below on perfect portions for your next event!


We wont say that these are hard and fast rules. They are more like guidelines or suggestions. Feel free to take in what you like and ignore what you will. 

  • It is always better to overcater than undercater! No one wants to be the host of hangry guests!
  • Think about who you have invited and any dietary needs they may have. Not sure? Then cast the net wide to make sure that everyone has something to eat.  
  • When looking at casual events, always work towards 3-4 pieces of food per person as a minimum. We always work towards 4-5 as a failsafe. 
  • Don’t forget the beverages! A thirsty guest is an unhappy guest.      Flat lay of Soul Origin Vege Sliders platter



This event could be a friends catch up. Less of a sit-down meal, and more finger food to share over meaningful conversations…or gossip. 

  • To start, our fruit platter. Fruit salad is always a crowd favourite and ticks the boxes for those guests who are gluten free and vegan.  
  • banana bread platter in a six pack. This is a lighter option for those guests who don’t really eat a large breakfast. Again, it is Gluten Free and tastes delicious – no cardboard flavour here!  
  • Breakfast Sliders. This twelve-piece platter comes with six traditional bacon and egg sliders, and six vegetarian-friendly Haloumi and Hummus sliders. A solid choice for a heavier more filling option. 
  • Drink suggestionsWater, SO espresso cold brew, juice. 

This option provides your guests with 4-5 small pieces of food plus a selection of fresh fruit to enjoy also. It covers three styles of breakfast eaters, as well as caters to Vegans, Vegetarians, plus Gluten-Free and DairyFree requirements. All in all – a ticket for success! 


With this event, let’s pretend you have prepared a smoked beef brisket and are having all the family around for a gathering.  

  • To start, let’s add the side salads to compliment the brisket. As you are providing the protein, you really want some delicious fresh salads to go with it. We would suggest at least two of these – three would be better. Each salad serves between four and six people as a side, so let’s say our Greek Salad, Beetroot Salad, and the Tuscan Veg Pasta would all work perfectly as they are light, delicious and full of flavour 
  • To ensure that those of the group that don’t eat beef are catered for, why not add some plant-based protein salads that can be a meal of their own? We would recommend two of these and our Falafel Salad, and our Tonkatsu Plant-Based Schnitzel Salad are both winners in our opinion. As a main this will feed between two to three people, plus a little extra for those that can’t resist! 
  • To finish the meal, you will want to add a Slices platter. Delicious and bite sized, this platter has twelve mini slices of all the best flavours. Place these on a nice serving board alongside a selection of cheeses. And why not throw in one of our fruit platters for those who like a natural sweetness
  • Drink suggestionswater, a selection of Remedy Drinks Kombucha or Juice. 

This option makes sure that your Vegetarian and Vegan guests are catered for. By adding a Greek Salad and the fruit platter – your Gluten Free guests are also covered. Plus, the additional salads work well both as a side to a protein or as a meal on their own. Lastly, all good hosts know – everybody likes dessert! So, adding the slices to the end of the meal is the perfect way to close an event and indulge in a second bottle of that Pinot you have been eyeing off. 


This may be a work function, or even just a grazing board with friends. We say “just” a grazing board, but we know how competitive they can be. Lucky for you, we can make it super simple to achieve! 

    • Our Salad Pots come in all the traditional flavours but perfectly portioned into individual bowls. And because it’s hard to choose just one flavour, you can mix and match. Choose a heavier style salad with added protein for more substance. Our Falafel or Chicken Schnitzel salad pots are delicious – also, request the lemon olive oil dressing or Vegan aioli to give it an extra zing!  
    • I would also recommend our slider platters. We do two kinds – one vegetarian friendly with plant-based schnitzel and falafel, plus a traditional platter with chicken prepared three ways; grilled, poached, and schnitzelled (and yes we have just made Schnitzel into a verb). With twelve pieces in each platter, that gives twenty-four pieces to share amongst the group. These also look amazing plated up on wooden boards or decorative plates for grazing tables.  
    • An event staple we would add is our Wrap Platter. Featuring a range of fillings, this twenty-four-piece platter gives each guest one to two pieces. You may even want to order two because trust us, you’ll want more than two pieces! 
    • To bring a little sweetness to your event, why not add a Danish Platter. This platter has twelve pieces and accompanies a fruit platter perfectly, which we all know is the perfect filler for every type of event.
    • Drink suggestions: water, a selection of Remedy Drinks Kombucha or Juice
32.	Flat lay of Soul Origin Catering options, including drinks, salads, sliders, and fruit platters

This option gives your guests 4-5 pieces per person plus fresh seasonal fruit. Everything is served without the need for plates or bowls, and stacks well in a multi-tier grazing table. Not only will your guests be happy with the delicious food options, it will also make your event very Insta-grammable. And let’s be honest – that’s what it’s really all about, so don’t forget to tag us #cateringsoulorigin 


And that’s all there is to it really! Let us know your event successes, failures, or key learnings. Email your story to  

Soul Origin catering packages are designed to create simple, and stress-free celebrations and conferences so that the host can spend less time managing food and more time with their guests.

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