A snapshot of the Australian QSR landscape

A snapshot of the Australian QSR landscape


The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) landscape in Australia is in a strong position even in COVID times. With steady growth over the past five years and the latest data showing the industry as one of the beneficiaries of lockdown, now is the time to consider your move. Constrained growth in discretionary income is discouraging Australian consumers from expensive restaurants and driving lower-cost options. However, with this, they have brought their expectations of value and demand for gourmet and healthier options. From this, we have seen food trends being picked up by the industry as customers have lent towards personalised health needs and demand their favourites be part of the trend. The Australian QSR landscape still remains formidable despite the odds. 


Over the past few years, we have seen food trends play a significant role in the Australian QSR landscape and those who have used these trends to keep relevant and “fresh” to their customers have survived. The latest trends of healthier options and personalised health needs have caused the industry to become flexible and adapt to the ever-changing demands of their clientele.

Baguette on display

The rise of the plant. Plant-food offerings continue to grow, from cauliflower wings to plant-based mayonnaise. This trend is playing an important role in creating healthier options as well as an innovative way to bring more variety and texture to menus. The plant-based movement is also driving hype for locally sourced, cruelty-free and sustainable practices. As consumers become more informed, they are allowing their purses to help drive this change.


Traditionally QSRs have equated to nutrient-poor meals, high in fat, sugar and salt content. Recent research reveals consumers are changing their patterns towards healthier, convenient meal choices to improve wellbeing. We are seeing the QSR landscape shifting as consumers demand change. Niche dietary requirements such as gluten-free, low sugar and dairy-free are also on the rise. Consumers are looking for menus that are adaptable to their personalised preferences. It is no longer acceptable to just cater for vegetarians. There is now a whole raft of dietary requirments and preferences that consumers are expecting to be regular options. 


Even before COVID hit we were starting to see an upward trend in consumers eating take away food from QSR outlets. Roy Morgan data has shown in 2019 there were 13.3 million (63.7%) customers at QSR outlets within a 4 week period. And as Australians spent a considerable amount of time at home during nationwide lockdowns food ordering services assisted this trend. Australians are cooking less and less and eating out or eating in more often and as this market matures we will see growth fast.

We may have spent more time at home over the past couple of years, but this has not reduced our time-poor circumstances. Along with this working from home has enabled us to become more used to delivery services and delivery platforms. Consumers now expect the ability to order online, order ahead and order through their favourite delivery partners. QSR brands that do not adapt to this change will be left behind. More eating out at home means store footprints will need to adapt for bigger, more efficient pick-up areas; fun delivery as well as looking at sustainable packaging and delivery services.


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Soul Origin franchises have continued to grow even in COVID. We saw a plethora of new store openings throughout the pandemic and are 125 stores strong across Australia. We are well-positioned to be one of the best options currently available in the Australian QSR industry – as cited as being one of the top food franchise businesses in Australia.  Our food philosophy grounds us for success:

“Everyone deserves to eat fresh food, every day… after all – your body deserves it. We have a vision to lead the way in re-educating the world about how they think about fast food.”

Our menu focuses on high-quality fresh food, that nourishes the body. It’s prepared fast and champions fresh flavours. Soul Origin stands true to the brand and remains and continues to maintain a formidable competitor in QSR.


Here at Soul Origin we are the family you choose. Food has always been at the core of many families. It brings people together, builds relationships, and creates lifetime bonds and memories. It does more than just feed our stomachs. Food and family are fuel for our soul. It’s about being connected to others, a sense of belonging. That is the true essence of Soul Origin. If you’re ready to join our family of 125 stores reach out below.

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