Coffee Expert Sam Taylor recognised on the World Stage!

Coffee Expert Sam Taylor recognised on the World Stage!


With only 200 Accredited Coffee Judges across the globe, Soul Origin was beyond proud to announce Sam Taylor earning the incredible titles of World Barista Judge and World Latte Art Judge. Sam’s tenacity and hard work has shaped the coffee space at Soul Origin, with Sam leading the Training and Coffee Team to ensure quality brews at every Soul Origin store!

Sam Taylor Coffee Expert


There is a meticulous process involved in becoming a World Coffee Championship Judge, including both practical and written tests to ensure a detailed coffee knowledge. With Sam now accredited for both the World Barista Championship and World Latte Art Championship, he will be judging the most talented Baristas and Latte Artists from across the globe.  The World Barista Championship involves competitors preparing 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks and 4 signature drinks. They will be judged on taste, cleanliness, creativity, technical skill and overall presentation. While the World Latte Art Championship demonstrates artistic expression requiring Baristas to create the most delicious and creative latte patterns. Judges like Sam have the very hard job of analysing patterns, creativity, symmetry, contrast and the overall presentation.


We chatted to Sam Taylor about his achievement:

“I am humbled to be part of such a passionate and incredible coffee community. I look forward to participating in judging both the World Latte Art Championship and World Barista Championship. Thank you, Soul Origin, for the ongoing support and guidance as I worked towards this goal.”

Soul Origin COO Adam Neil commented the following:

“This is a pinnacle milestone to be recognised by the industry, and more importantly an endorsement of Sam’s passion and technical understanding by the best in the world. We are privileged to have Sam as part of our Soul Origin team, and his new titles are a true testament to the hardworking person that he is. There is no one more deserving and I can’t wait to see where he takes both his personal career and the Soul Origin brand next.”


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Soul Origin was first piloted in 2008 amid the Global Financial Crisis by two brothers and a best mate from Sydney, Australia. Whilst many companies were closing their doors, Soul Origin’s initial concept was not only keeping afloat – it was thriving. Hao, one of the founding brothers puts this down to a commitment to worldwide best practice, a strict insistence on the highest standards of freshness and compliance, and a commitment to excellence in quality, flavour, and service. “Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to eat fresh food, every day… after all – your body deserves it. We have a vision to lead the way in re-educating the world about how they think about fast food.”

Another ambition for the brand was driven from one of Hao’s own observations. When taking his children to local shopping centres he was often frustrated by the lack of quality coffee available in food courts. Soul Origin coffee is a specialty blend that is roasted locally in Melbourne, Australia and can rival any boutique café when it comes to quality and taste. After fine tuning the concept for three years, the first Soul Origin store was opened in 2011 and the Soul Origin brand was unveiled to the world. Over the next nine years that footprint would extend to well over 130 stores across Australia and continues to grow into the future.

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