Eastgardens – Now open

Eastgardens – Now open

We were excited to finally open the doors of our new store at Eastgardens Westfield on the 6th of May 2021. For the new store opening we celebrated the morning with free coffee for the local community, which was much appreciated by our loyal customers that have been itching for us to open!  

Before the opening we grabbed the chance to sit down with the store owner Ray. Being his third store we wanted to understand why he expanded his footprint and understand what it means to him to be a part of the Soul Origin family.

The Eastgardens team standing at their store


Ray opened his first store with Soul Origin back in 2017 at Maroubra Pacific Square. He decided to join back then as he had seen how Soul Origin had grown. He had always wanted to become a small business owner so that his hard work and persistence could amount to something. Not just financial gains but he also wanted to see the fruits of his labor create some sense of purpose and community from his hard work.   

Soul Origin was his first choice due to the sound business model. And secondly, the team at head office that rallies around their partners to really drive and lift them up to ensure they achieve success.   

Having reaped the success of hisEastgardens now open salad display first two stores it was a no-brainer for Ray to open his third. When the opportunity to open in Eastgardens Westfield came about – he grabbed at it. Having the formula under his belt he was confident that he could create that local Soul Origin community and a thriving business again. His words of wisdom for anyone looking to achieve a similar feat.   

“Don’t be scared of a little hard work. The team at Soul Origin are behind you every step of the way. And will help pick you up and guide you to ensure you make this a success. When you join the family of Soul Origin, your dreams will come true.”


It was an exciting day for Ray to see how his hard work, perseverance, and good nature enabled him to become a truly successful small business owner. The store hummed with excitement from customers and staff alike. We encourage you when you are next in the neighborhood to go and grab a coffee, soup, or salad and enjoy this new store. 


If you’re looking to change your life and invest in your future just like Ray, we have multiple opportunities across the nation. Check out how you could make a fresh move with a team to support you every step of the way.   

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