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Get Your Hosting Game Up!

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We don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate the end of lockdowns and coming together than a brand-new catering menu. So get your hosting game up and check out some of the latest on our menu. Don’t worry we’ve kept your favourites but have some very exciting and delicious options for everyone at your next event! 

We know catering has changed a bit since COVID but we’re here to provide our best tips for hosting the ultimate and most memorable event. 


While our catering platters are designed to share, we’ve created individual portions or servings to limit sharing of utensils. Our awesome Salad Pots, served in a small cup is the perfect addition to the menu for an easy solution to the standing event and the COVID safe event. We have tested the Salad Pots at our own event and they’re the perfect size to enjoy with some of our other catering nibbles. Our breakfast and lunch wraps are only a few bites each but oh so good. Perfect to add to the side of your plate paired with some salad or one of our new sliders.  

Now nothing gets us as excited as a good slider being served at an event. At Soul Origin we believe sliders are for all times of day. We’ve created Breakfast and Lunch sliders, that like our wraps can be enjoyed in a few bites. But will definitely keep your guests coming back for seconds or maybe even thirds. These products we do recommend providing a pair of tongs to serve, we don’t want someone handling all the food to check out the delicious options! 


Now if you’re a vegetarian or vegan or just enjoy opting for the veggie option at events. You know the struggle of each platter to find the one vegetarian or vegan option. Our new catering ensures our veggie friends have some fresh and delicious options. With our sliders we have our vegetarian haloumi and hummus for breakfast. While for lunch our veggie friends have plenty of options with a mix of plant-based schnitzel sliders or a vegetarian falafel and hummus slider

Now if sliders aren’t their thing that’s totally fine, we have plenty more options for our vegetarian friends. From breakfast to lunch you can choose between wraps, sandwiches, salad pots, salad platters and croissants! For all dietary information about our new menu check it out here! Otherwise send us a message on our socials and we can definitely help you out! 


The most important meal of the day is Breakfast. So why not celebrate it in office or with friends? Our new and improved catering menu ticks all our boxes: fresh, delicious and easy to eat. With summer just around the corner, we can’t think of anything better than starting the day with a breakfast pot. You have the choice of yoghurt and granola or seasonal fruit! If you would prefer for your guests to have a few options. We would recommend the breakfast wrapssliders and croissants. They’re great way to start the day and gives everyone the opportunity to choose their own breakfast options. Our Breakfast Benedicts are a great size if you’re looking to start the next work event with brekkie in the office. They’re perfect for a sit-down breakfast with your work squad and are so yummy!  


One thing to be really mindful of when ordering catering post lockdown is limiting the sharing of utensils or drinks. With our catering you can order individual drinks for your guests to enjoy. Save the stress of putting down your cup and picking up your friends.  

With our drinks you have the choice of waterjuices and soft drinks. All in their own individual bottle, then your guests can serve themselves. When we host our events we usually place all the drinks in the middle with some cups surrounded by some platters of food. We love having a more informal set up for work events especially, so everyone has a chance to mingle and check out the options. 


There’s no better way to end an event than with some delicious treats. We have some brand new options that are oh so good! If you’re looking for a gluten-free option, our banana breads are perfect. Otherwise our protein balls and slices are in bite sized pieces so you can enjoy seconds!  

Now we did say finish strong but you could also start strong with some of our sweets, whether this be the chocolate coconut bread or our delicious mini croissants or danishes. It’s the perfect way to start the day especially for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth! 

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