Meat-Free Mondays with Soul

Meat-Free Mondays with Soul

Now that Veganuary has officially finished, will you be continuing the veggie life?¬†I‚Äôve¬†been vegetarian for¬†the last¬†five¬†years¬†and while¬†it can be a little daunting switching from a¬†‚Äúmeat and 3 veg‚ÄĚ diet¬†to an¬†all-vegetarian¬†diet,¬†there are so many delicious¬†alternatives¬†in the market¬†to make the transition easier. If¬†there‚Äôs¬†one¬†thing¬†I‚Äôve¬†learnt over the years, it¬†is¬†that¬†being vegetarian is anything but boring.¬†There are¬†many reasons to reduce your meat intake, for myself it was for¬†environmental and ethical reasons.¬†I am not alone¬†in this movement with¬†the latest statistics showing¬†that one in three people¬†across Australia¬†are actively reducing their meat consumption and there has been a shift of 20% more Australians identifying as Flexitarian¬†and 10% growth in people going completely meat-free.¬†¬†

At Soul Origin, we’ve made it 1000 times easier to choose a delicious plant-based or vegetarian option. Whether it’s catering, breakfast, or lunch, there is always a yummy selection to choose from. One thing to always remember though is that when changing your diet, always consult your health professional to find out what works best for you.  


Meat Free Monday was created back in 2009 and has really taken off across the globe. The initiative focuses on creating greater awareness of the impact animal agriculture and fishing can have on the environment. I love this initiative as I know it can be hard to completely change your diet. It highlights that just one day a week only eating plant-based or cutting our meat can still make a significant contribution.  

If you visit the Meat Free Monday website here, you can calculate the impact that going meat free just one day a week will have on the environment. If you reduce your meat intake by one day for a whole year, you will have: 

  • Saved 54.27 Fish¬†¬†

  • Saved 559.24 bathtubs of water
  • Created 608.62 square metres (about twice the area of a tennis court) of marine reserve¬†

  • Saved 1.3 tennis courts of forest¬†

  • Gained 1.67 days of extra lifespan¬†¬†

  • Avoided 201.53 miles of Greenhouse Gases¬†

  • Plus much more‚Ķ¬†


Soul Origin Falafel Salad in a bowl   Two seeded rolls with two drinks   Tonkatsu Schnitzel Salad with chopsticks reaching for it

Now I know what you‚Äôre thinking ‚Äď veggies just don‚Äôt taste that good! I used to think the exact same thing five¬†years ago. Since then,¬†I have converted not only a¬†lot of my friends, but¬†even my sister to a more flexitarian lifestyle.¬†¬†

Me and my sister’s favourite plant-based option is the Tonkatsu Schnitzel Salad. We are obsessed to say the least. The tonkatsu schnitzel is amazing, served on a bed of slaw with the delicious vegan tonkatsu and aioli dressing. I can’t even put into words how delicious it is, it is a must try. 

Otherwise the Falafel Salad is incredible. Also plant-based and part of our nationwide menu so you can order it on Doordash, Menulog or Uber Eats. The falafels are everything you want, packed full of flavour, perfect texture and with our vegan aioli…wow. I can never turn down a good falafel especially when its mixed with quinoa and rice. Both the Falafel Salad and the Tonkatsu Schnitzel Salad are available for catering too! 

Now if you live by the motto ‚Äúyou don‚Äôt make¬†friends with salad‚ÄĚ, do not worry we have options for you too. Check out our seeded rolls, available in two flavours being the Schnitzel Avo Smash and the Tonkatsu Schnitzel. Both are made with our plant-based schnitzel and if you love all things avocado our Schnitzel Avo Smash also has spinach, smashed avocado, vegan cheese, and vegan aioli‚Ķneed we say more? Otherwise, if the Tonkatsu flavour has captured your heart, the Tonkatsu Schnitzel Roll is the one for you. Served with a spinach slaw, and our signature plant-based aioli and tonkatsu sauce, it is a combination of the most mouth-watering ingredients all on a seeded roll.¬†¬†


Roast Veg Salad in a bowl   Tuscan Veg Salad in a bowl   Greek Salad

We have a lot (and I mean a lot of vegetarian options). Whether it is a fresh salad or wrap for lunch, or a slider platter for catering ‚Äď we have you covered! The classic vegetarian options include our Beetroot Salad, Roast Veg, Bocconcini and our Greek Salad. If you are looking for a more ‚Äúfancy‚ÄĚ veggie option, I think you will love the Halloumi or Pomegranate and Quinoa Salad. If you are looking for a more filling salad, then you cannot go past the Tuscan Veg Pasta and the Pumpkin Cous Cous Salad.¬†¬†

I absolutely love our Vege Sliders available via catering. There are three options including Falafel, Plant-based Schnitzel and Avo, and the Plant-based Schnitzel and Tonkatsu (have I mentioned that’s my favourite?). To quote a cultural icon Mean Girls, for these, the limit does not exist on how many I can eat at one event. They are perfectly sized so you can try all three and if you are like me… go back for seconds.  

Flat lay of Soul Origin Vege Sliders platter     Close up of vege sliders
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