Part of your community

Part of your community

Being involved with local communities is a passion of Soul Origin. Whether it’s our friendly faces in-store serving up your morning brew or taking part in community projects, we strive to create better outcomes for those around us! With over 127 stores, Soul Origin is fast becoming a staple in many local communities and it’s not just for coffee. You’ll find us working with schools, sports programs and in this instance, outreach programs for the vulnerable. Warriewood Soul Origin is the latest store that has been working to better the community that they are a part of. Partnering with the AOK Community Outreach program Warriewood Soul Origin has been helping to bridge the food insecurity gap felt by many through donating meals. 


Anthony the Franchise Partner from Warriewood Soul Origin and the Warriewood Team have been serving delicious coffee, fresh food and our signature Soul Origin enthusiasm every day for the past 5 years. Anthony decided to join Soul Origin because ‘his passion is making people happy and Soul Origin helps me achieve this.’ This passion is not just something he limits to work but extends this to the local community  working with AOK Community Outreach donating any unsold food. 

AOK Community Outreach is an amazing organisation who focuses on “Acts of Kindness” for their local area. They service the whole community by setting up a safe space for people to come grab a meal, have a coffee and/or even freshen up with a haircut.  The Soul Origin food donations and donations from home cooks and other businesses help to  facilitate and provide meals to individuals experiencing food insecurity and those in the community whom the street is there home. Sarah Morris, the Director of AOK Community Outreach shared with us the impact Soul Origin’s donations had on just one night. With Anthony and the Warriewood Team providing over 30 meals. According to Sarah Morris their mission is to provide:   

With so much food insecurity in the world right now our AOK Earth Angels are here to make sure no one goes without support by providing homecooked meals or redirecting food that we have been lucky to rescue from community businesses that would have no other option but to dispose of their amazing food. We understand life can hit hard when we least expect it and Acts Of Kindness Community Outreach aim to provide a non-judgmental space for people to feel safe to reach out in their time of need 


Anthony and his team’s work is inspirational. He well and truly embodies the Soul Origin value to be human and inclusive. According to Anthony: As a business have a responsibility to give back to the community.” And we couldn’t agree more. At Soul Origin we encourage our Franchise Partners to not only be that friendly face but to work alongside their community members to create better outcomes for all.  

When asked what advice he would give to future Franchise Partners, Anthony shared with us: “Talk to everyone, and get to know the local community and the local businesses.” Joining the Soul Origin family provides the opportunity to grow a successful business and to enable you to help those in your community.

If you think this is something you would like to be a part of you can reach out to AOK Community outreach here to become an Earth Angel here . Or like Anthony you’d like to be part of the Soul Origin Family reach out to us here.

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