Soul Origin Story

Food has always been at the core of many families, it brings people together, builds relationships, and creates bonds and memories. It does more than just feed our stomachs. Food and family are fuel for our soul; it provides us a connection and belonging and that is the true essence of Soul Origin.

Soul Origin was first piloted in 2008 amid the Global Financial Crisis by two brothers and a best mate from Sydney, Australia. Whilst many companies were closing their doors, Soul Origin’s initial concept was not only keeping afloat – it was thriving. Hao, one of the founding brothers puts this down to a commitment to worldwide best practice, a strict insistence on the highest standards of freshness and compliance, and a commitment to excellence in quality, flavour, and service.

“Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to eat fresh food, every day… after all – your body deserves it. We have a vision to lead the way in re-educating the world about how they think about fast food.”

Another ambition for the brand was driven from one of Hao’s own observations. When taking his children to local shopping centres he was often frustrated by the lack of quality coffee available in food courts. Soul Origin coffee is a specialty blend that is roasted locally in Melbourne, Australia and can rival any boutique café when it comes to quality and taste.

Believing in meaningful relationships with local farmers at origin, Soul Origin strives to use coffee that is fully traceable that is sourced through direct relationships with farmers and co-ops. The green beans are carefully selected, graded, roasted, and blended specifically to meet Soul Origin standards, always with the focus on quality.

“A key commitment of Soul Origin is to the long-term sustainability of the coffee industry, both at home and at origin.”

After fine tuning the concept for three years the first Soul Origin store was opened in 2011 and the Soul Origin brand was unveiled to the world. Over the next nine years that footprint would extend to well over 100 stores across Australia and continues to grow into the future.

Soul Origin is built from a passion to connect, the willingness to learn and the vision to deliver. The culture is the soul of the brand. A culture that brings people together and represents the soul and origin of authentic food and coffee flavours from around the world.

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