Wagga Wagga Opening

Wagga Wagga Opening


Christmas came a little early to Wagga Wagga this year! On the 16th of December, we opened our first Soul Origin store in the town centre. This was a major achievement and milestone for Soul Origin. As a result the Wagga Wagga opening is the start of a new direction for the brand. Soul Origin has its roots set in inner cities and is now looking further afield bringing the Good Mood Soul Food movement to the regions. 

“As we start to saturate our inner cities, we begin to see how we can branch our footprint out and facilitate regional areas. Wagga Wagga was the first opportunity that we came across. So far, Wagga has shown us that the regions are ready to embrace the good mood soul food movement.”

– Adam COO


Storefront with balloons and a crowd of customers


Living in Albury, a major regional city in New South Wales, Manjit knew that the opportunity to open the first regional Soul Origin would be something not to be missed. When he saw the Wagga Wagga site, he was aware that this could be a life changing chance to make a break and become part of the Soul Origin family.

“The Soul Origin team have been supportive from the very first enquiry. I am looking forward to growing the Wagga store with Soul Origin and seeing what the future holds for other regional areas.”

- Manjit Wagga Owner

Manjit’s hard-working nature, partnered with ongoing support from the Soul Origin Family has proven a recipe for success so far. The Wagga community has embraced Manjit and the new Soul Origin store in droves. Having grown up in regional NSW, Manjit understands regional communities and we cannot wait to see how he shapes the latest Soul Origin store.


“Do not look twice at becoming part of the Soul Origin Family. You will not regret it as they support you throughout the process and help you make your dreams a reality”.

Do you love a modern, energetic brand with a proven business model? We have multiple opportunities available for new franchisees. Every step of the way, our team is there to support you as you pursue your Soul Origin dream – just like Manjit!

Reach out and speak to us today about upcoming opportunities available.


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