Cozy up with Catering by Soul Origin

Cozy up with Catering by Soul Origin

Is there anything better than being tucked up in bed watching Netflix on a cold Winter’s night? Unfortunately, we can’t do that for the entirety of Winter (hey we don’t make the rules). As a July baby – I know a thing or two about hosting during Winter and making sure your event brings enough excitement to make your guests forget about their oodies… Here’s my top tips for hosting during Autumn and Winter:


All about activities

Whether it’s board games, charades, or a movie night! I love incorporating an indoor activity into any Winter event. Simply have a few board games, a deck of cards and a few Netflix options ready for after dinner. You can definitely leave the options up to your guests, you may just opt for chatting in the living room with cups of tea (my favourite personally). Make sure with all your activities you compliment with delicious sweets like slices, protein balls or danishes


Winter Feasting

Now if your friends are massive foodies too you have to impress with the food! Don’t worry Catering by Soul Origin is the stress-free way to host (you can put down the whisk and oven mitts).


Heat up your next event with our Buffalo Salad Platters- with your choice of Buffalo Falafel or Buffalo Schnitzel. Both Buffalo Salads are dressed in our Habanero Hot sauce and are super delish. Our Buffalo Falafel is also plant-based so it’s perfect for any of your vegan or dairy-free friends. Check out our event edition on our catering site to find out our top products when hosting and their nutritional info.


Our must-haves include:


Nibble nibble   

You can never have enough food! I love having nibbles for pre and post dinner. On your guest’s arrival you can serve our grazing platter! This platter includes all the perfect snacks for guests to pick at before dinner.

For #balance purposes after all the savouries you have to finish with a few sweets. I love picking up a couple of different platters to provide a few options for guests. My personal faves include:


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