Why Source of Origin?

Ok, let’s go right back to the start. Our ‘origin’, if you will.

Before we even opened our first store more than ten years ago, we cared about what Australians thought. And what you thought was that you deserved a better, healthier, tastier food option, regardless of what time of the day it was. Our family couldn’t have agreed more.

Fast forward to today and 150 stores later, your thoughts have become our purpose - to create healthy, satisfying, tasty food, made fresh, using the freshest local ingredients. Because goodness in means goodness out. And we all want to feel good about what we’re eating.

So, from day one, we made a commitment to supporting local Australian farmers. Hardworking families who put their heart and soul into what they grow and how they grow it, year in and year out.

And over the years we’ve gotten to know some of the best, and most passionate, local farmers across Australia. From WA to Gippsland, the Central Coast to the Hawkesbury, these farms have helped ensure our menu is full of the freshest, tastiest ingredients.

The other upshot to all of this is that by sourcing local, we’re also supporting local - local communities, local economies, and employing local people. It’s always something we’ve been proud of, but even more so today.

Take a tour of our farms.

Since day one, we’ve been supporting local Australian farmers. And over the past ten years we’ve gotten to work with some of the best, and most passionate, local farmers across Australia. Discover the source of our freshness, great taste and healthy ingredients here.