Thai Coconut Chicken

Thai Coconut Chicken

Are you jet-setting to any tropical locations this Winter? If not, it’s your lucky day! Our delicious NEW Thai Coconut Chicken Soup is a warm embrace inspired by the flavours of Thailand. It will be sure to transport you straight to Thailand. With a wonderfully creamy smooth coconut curry flavour and an explosion of spicy Tom Yum, there’s so much yummy goodness with each spoonful, this will be sure to warm the heart and soul!  


Geographical Influences  

It is believed that Indian merchants and Thai Buddhist missionaries shared spices and herbs around the 4th century. These included tamarind, cumin, shallots and lemongrass, all common ingredients in Thai curries to this date. Quickly these herbs and spices spread across Thailand.  With each region putting their own spin on these delicious curries making them what they are today. As the centuries progressed, the cooking methods changed with the creation of various pastes adding a bold, intense flavour in these curries. It was not until the Portuguese Merchants arrived in Thailand in the 16th Century that chilli was incorporated into curries creating that spicy flavour that Thai curries are so renowned for. Each region of Thailand has access to different ingredients depending on weather and trade opportunities. In the southern parts of Thailand, the curry ingredients will often include peppercorn and turmeric. This is due to the perfect weather conditions to grow these crops, plus the early trade routes from India, the largest exporter of turmeric. While further North in cities like Bangkok, turmeric won’t feature in any of the curries, instead red and dry chillies, or galangal.  


Tom Yum Inspiration 

Creating our Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, we were inspired by Tom Yum soup. Notably that bold hot and sour flavour, with gorgeous spices and herbs hitting your tongue with each spoonful. We did take some creative licence with our soup, making it more on the creamy side, similar to Tom Kha. Tom Kha is very similar to Tom Yum flavour-,wise however the texture is much creamier with the added coconut milk to balance those bold spices. We really love Thai curries with coconut milk. It adds so much depth and balance to the amazing flavours. Plus, it’s super warming and filling, perfect for a cold Winter’s Day.  


Souperlicious perks  

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