Tuscan Veg Soup

Tuscan Veg Soup

Tuscan Veg Soup, also commonly known as the Ribollita soup is one of the oldest soups on the menu. One of Tuscany’s most famous dishes, it is a hearty potage made of bread, beans, and vegetables. There are many variations to the dish but the main ingredients that must remain constant are bread, cannellini beans, kale and an array of other vegetables.  


The Origins of Tuscan Veg Soup (Ribollita)  

Tuscan Veg soup dates back to the Middle Ages and is the cuisine of the peasant. Under the feudal system, after the Autumn wine harvest feasts peasants would pocket the leftover crusts of bread. Before they slipped the bread into their pockets, they would wipe clean the plates of leftover meat juices to allow the dense bread to soak up the flavour.  

Ribollita meaning to re-boil was leftover minestrone re-boiled with the meat juice-soaked bread crusts. They would then bulk out the soup with added cannellini beans - a delicacy of the Tuscan diet. The peasants would then collect as many vegetables as possible from their gardens, commonly carrots, onion and kale. To make huge pots of soup that were made to be consumed for days. The longer they cooked the soup for the tastier and thicker it became. The ultimate comfort food.  


Soul Origin Tuscan Veg  

The traditional Tuscan roots of Ribollita soup carry more weight than simply delicious flavour. It carries the history of Tuscany, its tradition of limiting waste, appreciating food, and creating flavoursome dishes. With this in mind we have created a beautiful soup that will have you dreaming of Autumn harvest in Tuscany. Don’t wait in line to try our delicious Tuscan Veg Soup, order ahead via the Soul Origin app!  

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