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Why Soul Origin you might ask?

The Soul Origin team works with you! Our fresh food and killer coffee is backed up by our experience and knowledge in operations, marketing, training, product development, franchising, and bucket loads of passion.
We support our franchise partners every step of the way to ensure that they can operate their business with confidence, creating a fun and dynamic culture, whilst providing customer satisfaction at every transaction.

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Franchise partners

Franchise Opportunities with Soul Origin

Support Local & Source Responsibly

Unlike many other QSR brands, Soul Origin owns and operates its central production kitchen & manufactures the core daily essential ingredients right
here in Australia.

We are proud to be Australian owned and operated and aim to use local produce
to support Australian farmers across the country wherever we can.

Soul Origin also strives to use coffee that is fully traceable. Our beans are sourced through
direct relationships with farmers and co-ops at origin. It is then shipped
& roasted as our own specialty blend right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Soul Origin Store Formats

Soul Origin offers three different store formats to ensure the new franchise partners match with the right business model and market opportunity.


$260k - $320k + GST


$320k - $420k + GST


$400k - $600k + GST

Available Franchise Opportunities

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Our Process


Soul Origin is hosting a Franchise Information Evening this coming April.

Meet our Owner and CEO Hao and take the time to meet some of our passionate leaders and find out for yourself why Soul Origin is a family you really want to be a part of.


Curious? Wanna find out more? Simply drop us a line below!

    • I am prepared to complete the comprehensive training designed to provide the knowledge and skills, that will enable me to operate in my business and maximise its profitability
    • I will serve and treat all of my customers with respect, passion and enthusiasm
    • I will employ, train, and manage my staff in a supportive and protective manner
    • I am prepared to make a significant initial, and ongoing financial investments to ensure my own success
    • I will personally devote my full-time attention to my new business including the day-to-day operation, rather than being an absentee investor
    • We have scheduled retail team visits to every store to support franchise partners and their teams in operating all aspects of a Soul Origin business, including the use of our dedicated training platform and business analytics.
    • We facilitate forums to provide important and exciting updates, information, guidance and materials on existing and new products, operational improvements, marketing initiatives, industry news, and general business.
    • We have a marketing team to focus on initiatives that increase consumer relevance and awareness to attract customers and increase frequency of existing customers.
    • At a local level, our marketing team also provides our franchise partners with consultancy and support in facilitating  initiatives to drive specific areas of individual stores.
    • We have a new product develop team that focus on innovation and trends to ensure we are always at the forefront of food culture.

    HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES?…I’m sure you have, get in touch.



    • General FAQS
    • Purchasing a Store
    • Process FAQS
    • Support FAQS
    1. Can I purchase more than one store?

      Yes, we encourage all franchise partners who wish to multi-site, to express their interest and start the Soul Origin multi-site application process. We have many successful multi-site operators in our network and continue to work closely with franchise partners who wish to expand.

    2. Do I need to be an Australian Citizen or hold Australian Permanent Residency to be a franchise partner at Soul Origin?

      Yes. All Soul Origin franchise partners and business guarantors must be an Australian Citizen or hold Australian Permanent Residency to purchase a Soul Origin store.

    3. How do I apply? How can I find out more information?

      Please complete and submit an online enquiry and the Franchising Team will be in contact to discuss your enquiry further. You will then be provided with a Soul Origin information booklet and an application form to complete.

    4. How much working capital do I need?

      As a rough guide, we would suggest approx. 10% of the initial investment cost, however we would require you to obtain independent financial and/or business advice on this.

    5. Do I need prior experience in the retail food business? Do I need to hire qualified cooks or chefs to prepare the Soul Origin menu?

      You do not need to have any previous retail food business or coffee experience; Soul Origin provides a 6-week training program to all new franchise partners.

      A real benefit of being a Soul Origin franchise partner is you don’t need qualified cooks or chefs to prepare the food. The food is all prepared fresh daily, by our franchise partners and in-store team members who have been trained in the back of house kitchen preparation, procedures, food safety and hygiene practices.

      Soul Origin does have an expectation that all applicants and incoming franchise partners must have a willingness to learn, a can-do attitude, a positive outlook and a love & belief in the Soul Origin brand, values and products – we can teach you the rest!

    6. As a Soul Origin franchise partner, am I required to work in my store full time?

      Soul Origin franchise partners are required to initially work full time in their store for a minimum 6-12 months from the store opening or handover. This is a mandatory requirement for all Soul Origin franchise partners.

      We believe through our experience that our more successful stores are where the franchise partner is actively working in store and involved in their store as much as possible.

    7. Will I be able to sell my store in the future?

      Yes, your store is yours to sell. Your franchise agreement outlines the requirements for a sale, and the prospective purchaser will need to go through the Soul Origin franchise recruitment and selection process.

    1. How much does it cost to purchase a new Soul Origin franchise?

      To purchase a new Soul Origin franchise, the initial investment cost can generally range between $300,000 to $400,000 plus GST. The initial investment cost includes the store fit-out, equipment, training, and documentation fees.

      The initial investment cost does depend on a range of factors, including the store location and size, and the amount of work involved in constructing the store. Please keep in mind that in addition to the initial investment cost, you will also need to budget for working capital, opening stock, and your grand opening promotion.

      When purchasing either a new store or an existing store, you will also need to supply a bank guarantee to the landlord at the beginning of a lease term. The bank guarantee is typically calculated at an amount of two to three months’ rent.

    2. What if I am interested in purchasing an existing Soul Origin store that is for sale?

      If you are interested in purchasing an existing Soul Origin store, all discussions and negotiations regarding the sale price will need to be discussed directly with the existing owner of the store or their elected business broker.

      It is important to note, the training fee of $15,000 + GST and documentation fee $3,500 + GST will need to be paid to Soul Origin in addition to the agreed-upon purchase price. You will also need to budget for working capital, the landlord’s bank guarantee, and your opening promotion on top of your agreed-upon purchase price.

    3. Am I able to fund a portion of the business through obtaining a business loan?

      Yes, of course, although it does depend on your personal circumstances. Soul Origin has developed strong relationships with several major banks across Australia to help prospective franchise partners obtain financing.

      We are accredited with a number of banks and financial institutions and we regularly work with financial brokers who are familiar with Soul Origin’s company history and processes; if you would like us to help facilitate introductions, please let us know once you have submitted your application.

    1. How long does the whole process take?

      Each applicant’s journey through the franchise recruitment process does depend on the individual’s circumstances and the opportunity you are applying for. On average, our applicants reach the final assessment steps of our recruitment process within 6-11 weeks.

      All of our applicants are required to complete their own due diligence on the Soul Origin brand and location you are applying for and demonstrate this knowledge and research throughout the recruitment process.

    2. Where do I go for training? How long is the training program?

      There is a comprehensive training program in place for all new partners entering our network. The training program in total takes place across six weeks and takes place in approved training stores across Australia. As part of your six-week training program, three of these days you will be required to attend the management workshop training component, which takes place at the Soul Origin Support Office in Sydney.

      As part of Soul Origin’s on-going support, in addition to your training program, Soul Origin has new store opening teams in place who will also assist in your first week of your store opening. They will provide additional guidance to you and your team to continue to set you up for success as you take the reins of your store.

    1. What type of on-going support will I receive from Soul Origin?

      Soul Origin has many specialists working across all departments (Franchising, Leasing, Product & Supply Chain, Marketing and Finance), located at our support office in Sydney to assist all franchise partners. All franchise partners have a dedicated Area Coach that will oversee a number of stores within your area. We also have an experienced Coffee department that supports our partner network in their on-going quality of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.