Franchise in Focus

Franchise in Focus


Soul Origin franchise partner Gavin has just opened his second franchise store in what most entrepreneurs would deem as a ludicrous move in a time of economic uncertainty. Gavin who has been part of the Soul Origin family since he bought the existing store at Broadway Shopping Centre in late 2019, lives and thrives by the motto to always “think outside the box”. While many other small businesses were closing their doors with anxious hope that they could financially ride out the chaos, Gavin decided to weather the storm and stay open. When asking Gavin why he would make such a remarkable decision he said:

“I found great opportunity in the hard times. While it would be seen as the easier road to close up shop until retail went back to normal, we found the hard work paid off for us as we were able to provide service to those that may not have visited us before. Naturally, once customers tasted how good our product was, they have kept coming back again and again – even when their regular café was back to full time trading. We have also made great connections with our community and they really helped support us to get us through. We always say we are a family at Soul Origin and that really rung true across our staff, support office, and our customers with the way we supported each other.”

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Not only did Gavin keep his store open, he also made the decision to join with another partner Kelvin to open an additional site. The newest Soul Origin store at Lidcombe Shopping Centre opened on the 5th November and has been going from strength to strength. Gavin stated that he feels very fortunate to be able to provide job opportunities in a suffering job market. He knows the value of hard work having had it drilled into him by his equally entrepreneurial father. He made a point that his father owned and operated several businesses across multiple industries and that was what made Gavin understand that to achieve success you really need to look inward for inspiration rather than rely on others to push you forward. When asking Gavin what advice he would give to those that are looking to start their own business he said:

“There is no limit to what you can achieve as long as you are willing to work hard to get there. I decided to take up a Soul Origin franchise as not only did I love the business model, I love that if you ever do need help or advice you always feel like you have that backing and support. Not only do you get access to a support office, you also get a whole network of likeminded business owners that want to help each other grow and make money because if the brand does well, we all do well!”

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