The pick of the bunch.

Most farming requires dedication and commitment.  But Jackson Lin will tell you that coriander farming takes things to another level.

Of course there’s the planting and the growing, but Jackson and his team pick the coriander daily. Then it’s immediately put in the cool room to chill, out of the damaging hot air. And when delivery time comes, it’s delicately transported
in a refrigerated vehicle.

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video to get the full story.

Mangrove Mountain

Agriculture and a rural lifestyle play heavily into the culture of Mangrove Mountain, a suburb located in the hinterland of the Central Coast region of New South Wales.

Home of the Darkinjung people, the “Mountain” sits at the northern tip of the Hawkesbury River, and natural springs and waterways pepper the region. Add in the climate and soil of the area and you’re looking at a place that’s ideal for growing a diverse range of produce.

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